Sean Curley

Sean grew up surfing the beaches of Northern Orange County with his Dad.  He has a deep love of the ocean and all things surfing related!

Nico is our resident surf board shaper and ding repair guy.  He loves the technical side of surfing and will chat all day about anything surfing or ocean related.  He has 10+ years of surfing and ocean experience and grew up surfing in Orange County including a couple years competing on his high school surf team!

Nico Spriggs

Ben Ogawa


Natalie is a fan favorite.  She is one of our most requested instructors by returning students. Her teaching style is as relaxed as they come and she loves to crack a joke.  She has 10+ years of surfing experience and loves surfing her home breaks around OC and LA.

Meet Our Team

Natalie Velez

Simon Short

Si is our lead instructor at the OC Surf School.  He has 20+ years of ocean and surfing experience.  His favorite surfing spots are Hawaii, Cornwall and San Clemente, California!

Ben is a talented instructor who's love and passion for the ocean shines through in every lesson. He has 10+ years of surfing and ocean experience and loves surfing all types of boards and watercraft around Orange County and Santa Cruz where he goes to school.

There is a big difference between being good at something and being good at teaching something.  At The Orange County Surf School we hire staff with more than just surfing experience.  To become an instructor or coach with us you must have true passion, not just for surfing but for teaching and sharing the gift with others.  

Our team of friendly, fun loving and passionate instructors are truly some of the best trained and most experienced coaches in the world. We receive many applications every season for our instructor positions and only select the best and most qualified candidates, as well as retaining the most talented coaches year after year. We have an in house training program with ongoing updates in water safety and live saving techniques in partnership with the Huntington Beach Surf Live Saving Association.  

Each one of our team members brings his or her own style and approach to our classes while teaching to our lesson plan that was developed by a team of surfers and teachers including professional surfers and a former world champion.  As well as teaching you to surf, we will give you the confidence and sills to continue on your surfing adventure!